Lady Hope Fundraiser

We are doing a fundraiser for Hope with the goal to raise the money for her leg amputation before it happens March 11th. Her surgery will be approximately $600.00.

So far we have raised $300.00! And it has only been one week! Please help us reach our goals by purchasing one of the following items and supporting Hope! Items can be purchased by placing an order with Becky at 801-710-4105 or purchasing them in person at one of our adoption events!


Emergency Contact Cards!

Emergency Contact Cards enable you to listwp-1455847288794.jpeg
the name and phone number of three (3) individuals you wish to be contacted should something ever happen to you. You can rest assured your pups will be safe in the hands of the loved ones you select to watch over them.

$2.00 per card

Hope Wristbands!wp-1455382461175.jpeg

Pink has been sold out! But don’t worry, we still have plenty of green, blue, and gray ones in stock! Gray just happens to be Hope’s favorite color!

$2.00 per wristband

Homemade Doggie Treats!

These homemade doggie treats are madewp-1455847329503.jpeg from ingredients you would eat yourself! Hope loves having a healthy, homemade treat and knows your pup would enjoy one also!

$3.00 per baggie (12 treats!)