Urgent Fundraisers!

We currently have several animals in need of medical attention that is quite expensive. Any help you can provide is appreciated so much. Below are the stories of our friends in need:

Holly was left in a chicken coop because she was not housebroken as a puppy. She is only 6 months old and is covered in mites, mange, and ringworm from the neglect. hollyShe is needing weeks, months or possibly a year of treatment to cure her of these parasites. If Holly was brought to a shelter she would be euthanized immediately. We took her in knowing she would need lots of work and funding, but she is darling and has tons of potential! She is great with dogs and cats, and chickens. She loves people of all ages! She deserves the chance her family didn’t give her. Please make a donation to help Holly get the medicated shampoos and washes, so she can live a long and happy life!
To donate to Holly, follow this link: Holly’s Medical Needs.
Poor little Angel fell off the bed and broke her jaw.  Angel is just 4.5lbs, a long hair chihuahua. Angel is in a lot of pain, she was brought to three vets trying to get help. angelThe third vet only taped her mouth shut, while the other two did nothing for her.  No one could help her because she doesn’t have money to pay. Jyleen had a brain aneurysm and can’t work because of the damage it has done to her brain.  She needs 1,100.00 to pay for the surgery, pain killers and xrays.
Please consider helping Jyleen save Angels life. Any help that you can give would be very much appreciated.
Jyleen is a true animal lover. She has worked with horses her entire life. When she had her aneurysm she has to quit working, quit having horses, quit her entire life. So now Angel IS her life. Angel is older and Jyleen gives her massages and takes her for walks to help her arthritis. Angel helps keep Jyleen calm to help keep her blood pressure down because the doctors say her next aneurysm will take her life.
To donate to Angel, follow this link: Angel’s Medical Needs.