Urgent Fundraisers!

We currently have “Fries” in need of medical attention that is quite expensive. Any help you can provide is appreciated so much. Below is his story:

 Jill and Becky went to pull some kitties from a high kill shelter. This particular shelter euthanizes in an inhumane way, gas chamber. Though that is not the topic today. They went down there to pull 4-5 cats to keep them from the euthanized needlessly and inhumanely. One cat in particular stood out. He was so sweet and so gentle, but in a great deal of pain. The took him from the shelter to the vet, Millcreek Animal Hospital in Ogden, where he received surgery to save his tail. It was quite infected and painful.
He is healing up and so far doing good. It will take about a month before he will be ready for a new home.
This gives us a time to raise the funding needed to pay back the vet for performing this lifesaving surgery! Thankfully, Dr Ellis is a wonderful vet and willing to give us time while “Fries” heals up.
DONATIONS can be made by PayPal: info@packnpounce.com
Or to Millcreek Animal Hospital by calling 801-731-0300, or stopping by. Don’t forget to mention Pack N Pounce!
If you are interested in adopting a kitty who needs a little extra care, please go to our forms and application page and fill out an adoption application.