Feral Cats

This kitty would rather be outdoors than inside, but will let you pet her and love on her. She will chase off other cats from her area, she does not like other cats. She is spayed and vaccinated. She is free to adopt and would be perfect for a barn over run with cats, because she will chase away the other cats. She won’t become diseased because she has been spayed and vaccinated. She is perfect for someone who is needing a barn cat, but doesn’t want 1000’s of cats in their barn.

We often need homes for Feral, or Wild, cats. These cats are not friendly with people, but will live in a barn or shed happily. You will be required to provide food and water, and regular medical care, for each feral you adopt. But with their natural instincts they will hunt and eat mice, crickets, grasshoppers, and other pests.

Feral cats come in all sizes, ages, colors and personality types. And many are only part feral, so will be happy to be pet, but refuse to go indoors.

All Feral cats will be spayed/neutered.

The adoption fee is only $0