Contact Us

If you see an item on our Thrift Store page that you are interested in, stop by the Thrift Store to talk to one of our helpful volunteers.

Our Address is: 333 2nd Street #8 Ogden, UT 84404
Our Store Phone Number is (801) 317-2969

If you see an animal you would like to meet to adopt, please contact the adoption coordinator to set up an appointment or come to an adoption event:

  • Petco -120 Station Park Way Farmington
  • Friday 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday noon to 4pm
  • Becky: (801)-710-4105

65 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. My daughter has been evicted and can not keep her 1 year cat. Which is spayed and current on her shots. We have tried to find her a home but have not had any luck. Is there any way that your organization would be able to take her and find her a permanent home.

  2. Hello there we have a two year old female German Shepard that we aren’t able to keep anymore but we really don’t want to take her to a shelter. She is fixed, chipped, and house trained. We really want her to go to a good forever home and were wondering if you guys could help us out in anyway.

      • Yes a home has been found for her. Our animals find their forever homes rather quickly. If you are looking for a specific breed or temperament, you can contact Brenda and she will try her best to keep a look out for you!

    • HI Kylee,

      We’re sorry if you have a bad impression of our rescue. All of our animals are sent to foster homes for the length of their stay with us before finding their forever homes. They are only kept in crates until their fosters come and pick them up. If you have any questions or concerns about our rescue or would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact Becky at 801-710-4105 and she can answer your questions!


  3. There was a cat brought to you guys about a week ago, he is a Siamese, about a year old and his name is Jupiter. Do you guys still have him or was he already adopted?

  4. We have lost our female boxer lab mix in Marriott Slaterville on 3/14. She had a pink and black zebra stripe collar, she is so sweet and we are very worried about her-please text or call Kathy at 801 643 2622 if anyone had any info

    • Hi Kathy, have you placed ads on ksl and Facebook, called the shelter and checked Facebook pages for lost and found pets? You’re more than welcome to call us for recommendations and help on how to place ads. We don’t take in stray dogs or cats, but if we get a call we will try to help!

  5. Hello All, I have a corral available for 2-3 horses, llamas or larger animals that need to be fostered until they can find a forever home. I also have 2 kennels available for cats. In addition, I rescue and find homes for fish.
    If I can be of any assistance, let me know.

    • Hi Sandra! We are always looking for fosters and would love for you to join our rescue! If you contact Brenda at 801-710-6440, she can help you get started on becoming a foster for Pack N Pounce!

    • Hi Angie, we are always accepting volunteers! We prefer you to be over 18, but we accept volunteers of all ages! You can come into the thrift store to fill out an application or contact Becky to discuss volunteer opportunities! 801-710-4105

    • Hi Ashley! We do adoption events on Friday nights and Saturday mornings at the Petco in Farmington and Saturday afternoons at the Petco in Harrisville! Hope to see you there!

  6. Good afternoon. My name is Shelley and I’m trying to find a good home a
    Or rescue for her but I’m having a hard time. I’m at a loss. I’ve had her for over a year and she just doesn’t want anything to do with humans. She’s not aggressive. I need to rehome her. She loves other animals, she plays well with my cat.

  7. I am looking for a nice job that goes towards helping out the community. Are you hiring at the thrift store by any chance? I’d love to help out.

    • Thanks for your interest! All of the people who work at our thrift store are volunteers! We don’t have any paid thrift store employees. If you’d like to volunteer, stop in and let us know!

  8. My name is Brenda and I called a few days ago to inquire about kisses. Is she still available for adoption? I’ve gone to your website but nothing is up dated plus I can’t seem to see any dogs you may have available.
    Please contact me at 515-745-4763. I have an Iowa number but I actually live in Idaho.

    • Hi Brenda! Thank you for your interest in Kisses! If you contact Brenda at 801-710-6440, she will be able to answer any of your questions! Also, our available pets have been updated, so feel free to take a peak! Thanks!

  9. Hi there! My husband and I are really interested in adopting Honey! Is she still up for adoption and for us to give her a forever home? Is there any more information I can have on her? Thanks!

    • Hi Hannah!

      Yes she is still available and would love to meet you and your husband! If you call Brenda at 801-710-6440 and tell her you’d like to meet her, she will be able to contact Honey’s foster and set up a date for you to meet her! Also, if we have any more information on her, Brenda will be the one to know!

      Thank you for contacting us!

  10. Hi, I’m heading off to college and can’t bring my geunie pigs with me. Is there a way you could take them? If not, do you know of anywhere that will?
    Thank you!

  11. Hello,

    There have been a few cats that have been abandoned around the Mobile home park that I currently live in. One cat has been hanging around my house for a while I’ve been giving him food and letting him in the house where he can keep cool, however I’m not able to keep him as I have animals of my own. He looks skinny and I’m sure he needs to see a vet. I was just wondering if you’d be able to take him in. He’s very friendly. He seems to be an older cat, but I’m not sure how old he really is.

    • Hi Amy! We must apologize. Our site has been undergoing some massive technical difficulties. If you contact Brenda, she will be able to tell you more about Otis and if he is still looking for a forever home. Her number is 801-710-6440. Sorry about the inconvenience!

    • Hi! If you contact Brenda at 801-710-6440, she will be able to provide you an answer. Our site is updated biweekly, so she will be your best source of information! Thank you!

  12. So we have two dogs (they are litter mates) that are impossible together. After four years of trying pretty much everything we have decided that the best option for the health of both our dogs to re-home one. We love them so much, but at this point we are realizing that keeping them together is just not healthy for them. (They are super competitive with each other and we just can not control them together anymore) Will you be able to rehome one of our dogs? They are Australian cattle dog, border collie mixes.

  13. We have 2 cats a little over a year old that we can no longer keep. They’ve been outdoor/indoor cats and our neighbor has threatened to kill them if he sees them outside. We have tried to give them to a home for free and listed them on any site we can find. No luck. Is it possible we can bring them into you and have your help finding them a new happy home?

    • Hi Brianna, Sorry about the late reply. It has been a busy few adoption weeks for us! Brenda is in charge of the space limits in our foster homes. If you can call her, she will provide you with the best, most recent information! 801-710-6440

    • Hi Kylie, I believe the puppy you are referring to is now being called Vulpix. Sorry about the confusion. If you contact Brenda at 801-710-6440 she will be able to help you meet the puppy! As of the most recent update to the website, he has not been adopted but that could change before we are able to update the website. Brenda will be your best source of information regarding the pup!

  14. Hello…
    Do you folks take donations of blankets and towels and treats and food for dogs????
    and can I drop off at the Thrift Store on 2nd street.

    • Hi Kim! Yes we are always looking for donations! Anything you could spare will help the animals! The thrift store on 2nd is the perfect place for you to drop things off! Thanks so much for being willing to support the animals!

  15. Hey guys! Do you accept gerbils into your rescue? I adopted 2 (supposed to be brothers) and they ended up having 5babies. I have tired caring for all of them but just am not able to give the necessary attention they need. I have been trying to find a good home for 2bonded sisters (both very sweet) and 1 solo male (he loves and needs attention daily). If you can help I would be so grateful or if you can point me to a rescue that does. Thank you so very much for your time.

  16. I saw sissy on ksl and am very interested in meeting her and giving her a forever home. I have 2 little boys and want to see how she is with kids. I would also like to know if we could go down in price. Let me know thank you.

  17. Hello. I found you all on NKUT as a partner and I’m looking for a place to take my sweet male Bengal/Savannah, Tigger. He is 4 years old, and fairly small. I have had him since he was a kitten, he is fixed and declawed. Because he is declawed, he cannot go outside, as he would not be able to defend himself. And that is where I have a problem, and unable to keep him. He’s very sweet, a little bit skiddish around new people, curious and VERY cuddly. I absolutely love him, but I have an apartment where my cat would have to live outside. I am wondering if I could bring him to you so that he has a chance to gain a new home where they can keep him inside and give him all the love he needs. He’s not a large cat by any means, despite his exotic lineage. Please get back to me regarding this matter. Thank you!

  18. I was referred to this site to get information about the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy, Tyrion, who is located in Ogden, UT. If we were to adopt him, how could be get him to Colorado Springs, CO where we live? Do you have any kind of transport services?

    • Unfortunately since we’re such a small rescue we do not have any set transportation methods. However, we can do our best to assist you in whatever way possible. Please contact Becky at 801-710-4105 so we can discuss how we can best assist you!

  19. Hi, I have a Labrador retriever mix, she is 5 years old and I’m unable to keep her. I work 2 jobs and I can’t give her the attention she needs. I’m having trouble finding her a loving family and I don’t not wish to drop her off at the animal shelter. Is there anyway you can help me?

  20. Hi, I was wondering if you keep any records on the pets that have been turned over to you and then adopted out. I guess I’m looking for any updates or information available for peace of mind. My ex and I turned over 2 dogs to you, 4 years ago. We were going through a divorce, I moved out of state back to my parent’s house and neither of us could keep our dogs. I’ve asked my ex, who is still in Ogden, time and time again over the years to see if he could get ahold of any info on where my dogs are and if they are in good homes, but he insisted that it wouldn’t be available and it was probably confidential. I miss both my girls tremendously and just want to know they are happy. I can’t imagine you’d still have info 4 years old, but I had to give it one last shot before I gave up on looking for them. Thank you!

  21. Hello! I am Merriam Young a sixth grader, you came as a guest speaker at Davinci Academy and I was wondering about the foster sign up sheets?

    • We are always eager to have help! You can go to our Thrift Store located at 333 2nd St #8 Ogden, UT 84404 for opportunities to volunteer there. To work with the animals, please contact Becky at 801-710-4105 for more information and dates of adoption events! Thank you so much!

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