Lady Hope

Hope came to Pack ‘N Pounce from the shelter when she was just a few days old. IMG_6134Her mother and siblings were all very ill. With great fosters and great care, they got better and were thriving.  All but little Hope. She didn’t open her eyes when she should have, and when she finally did she was blind in one eye. She wasn’t growing as fast as the others, either. IMG_9863Soon she started having infections all over, and the vet couldn’t even understand why. After a month of struggling to cure her infections, she was finally healthy again! However, she was still very small compared to her siblings and couldn’t walk or play with them yet.
She underwent hydrotherapy to regain her muscle strength and teach her to stand and walk. She is in need of an x-ray, blood work, and an eye specialist. Once we get these medical tests
done, we will know what more needs to be done to give her a full and happy life!
Please help Hope have a full and happy life!
 Donations for Lady Hope can be submitted via the Paypal button located at the bottom of the page. You can also send donations by mail to the thrift store. The address can be found below; please address the donation as follows: with care of or c/o Lady Hope.
Below you can view the video some of our wonderful volunteers put together to learn more about Lady Hope.

Lady Hope’s Journey


Lady Hope Update:

Hi everybody! The past two weeks have been crazy! Two weeks ago I made an appearance at the Farmington Petco for a meet & greet and met some awesome people! I went to Summit to take part in the Puppy Enrichment program; I got so many hugs and ear scratches! It was fantastic!

Last week I went to the vet for my spay and to get a baby tooth pulled from playing too rough with my Lab friends, silly me! I also got some x-rays done on my leg and now we’re just awaiting the results! wp-1453873992846.jpegI’ve been doing a lot more sleeping and snuggling with my foster mommy since my spay. Check out my big belly in this picture haha! Surgery stinks and it’s going to be even worse if I have to have leg surgery! No playing for weeks?! wp-1453874006081.jpegThat’s impossible!! If you are able, please send a few dollars toward my friends at Pack N Pounce, my surgeries are going to be expensive and they are working really hard to raise the money in time.

Well, I’m off to play with my friend Hiccup the cat and the new foster doggie my humans brought home for me!

Ta-ta for now guys!